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Wiretap Brewing is a micro scale craft brewery in the neighborhood of Lincoln Heights minutes away from downtown Los Angeles. Our beers are available by the can, bottle, and keg both direct and wholesale. Wiretap also imports and sells a boutique line of Italian wines.

You guys had your first operating quarter, stopped being open Thursdays, and did a bunch of other stuff April edition!

Hey great job guys following through on that monthly blog post.
— No one ever.

To those of you checking back on the site (we see you in Google analytics) we’re sorry. If this is your first time here then hey, welcome to Wiretap Brewing, we do blog posts every month!

The reality is that I’ve been trying to figure out what to write -where to start? What’s a good amount of time coverage to talk about? Do I talk about sales? New products? Does anyone give a shit?

You guys had your first operating quarter, stopped being open Thursdays, and did a bunch of other stuff April edition!

From the business ops side Q1 was pretty cool. We did technically start selling in Q4 of ‘17 but I’m gonna wave a magic executive hand and say it doesn’t count. We spent most of Q4 figuring our shit out anyways. Right, so we kicked off Q1 being open Thurs-Saturday and staying open until the grandma hours of 10:30. At the end of Q1 we stopped being open Thursdays.

What happened? Are you guys going out of business? Are you gonna be open other days instead?
— the public

No and no.

We’re a pretty lean crew and rely heavily on process and technology. As such, some of our beers won some awards and more and more places are discovering the liquid gold known as Luchador and our brew schedule took off. It’s hard to run the business, brew, do deliveries, customer appointments, and then, at least on Thursday, also stand in the tasting room another 6 hours. Yes, to all our friends who have kindly copied and pasted all the articles they could find in a google search about how profitable tap room sales are: we get it. Turns out we know how to do math too. But guess what? Wiretap is executing on a business model that focuses on distribution and not just having a cool spot to hang out. We’re executing really well on the distribution part so for the sake of our team having room to breathe we’re not open Thursdays. And we’re not sure we’re gonna open more days either. There, we said it.

What else is good?

We started to focus on having a cadence of events for the days we’re open and it’s been awesome. Last month we hired our first full time salesperson and it turns out she’s a standup comedian both on and off the job and produces a show called Whiskey N Donuts -no apostrophe on the N btdubs- which aptly becomes Beer N Donuts once a month at Wiretap. If you haven’t been to a show yet you’re missing out. We get a food truck/popup, usually have a new special beer on tap, and deck the space out with extra seating and custom lighting. It costs a raging zero dollars to get in.

In addition to comedy we have a roving art show that’s come through twice and features some really spectacular installations which you can see on our walls any time as well as night-of stuff like live paintings as well as raffles. When we first started to partner with local artists and the event organiser we really didn’t know if it was gonna be cool or weird or whatever and it’s been overwhelmingly dope. If you’re into street art, illusionism, multi-dimensionalism, aliens, abstract, tag, or modern art we got it!


We made new stuff. Real good new stuff. In the rotation now we’ve brought back our classical Kolsch, added a Belgian Saison, an English Special Bitter, oh, and two super cool development beers. The first is in the vein of Luchador but instead a low calorie, Mexican style, beer called Flaca. The second is my quest to re-live standing outside of a Lawson’s in Tokyo drinking some random Japanese beer that I have no idea what it is. Japanese beers, especially Japanese beers brewed in Japan and not the ones you get here in the US are quite (super) malty. Like, most of them are all just really malty. I’m not being mean or making that up. I guess the powers that be have determined the Japanese beer market should be nearly devoid of hop flavor and that’s what the people get and hence that’s what we’re making. No, it’s not a no-hop beer but it’s got some really cool magic that involves Sorachi Ace and rice. The name? Nama Biru. Yeah. That’s how you say “draft beer” in Japanese and I have this great plan to can it so it’ll be Draft Beer but in a can and I think it’s hilarious. Literally no one else at Wiretap thinks that’s a good idea and even accused me of calling it dumb if anyone else did it. We’ll see.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I swear I’m gonna do more posts frequently so stay tuned. There’s a draft of a really cool post on how Wiretap uses technology to manage brew schedules, tank resources, and inventory, but our legal department is probably gonna redline a lot of it.


Stay listening.

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