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Wiretap Brewing is a micro scale craft brewery in the neighborhood of Lincoln Heights minutes away from downtown Los Angeles. Our beers are available by the can, bottle, and keg both direct and wholesale. Wiretap also imports and sells a boutique line of Italian wines.

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341B S Avenue 17, Los Angeles, CA 90031


Fridays & Saturdays - 3 PM to 10 PM

We're in Lincoln Heights. That's in Los Angeles. 

We are housed in a slice of a former carpet mill at the corner of Mozart and Avenue 17 in Lincoln Heights at 341B South Avenue 17. Being who we are we have already made the arrangements so you can easily type Wiretap Brewing into Google maps and your phone will lead the way. If you're unfamiliar with where Lincoln Heights is it's Northeastish of Chinatown and centered around Broadway until it terminates into Huntington Drive. We're right off the 5 Freeway at Broadway and sandwiched on Ave 17 between Main and Broadway near the forthcoming Albion/Downey Park. Still not ringing any bells? You know that giant smokestack along the 5 that says "BREWERY"? We're pretty much across the street from that.

We are open.
— The authorities


Private Event Space


If you are in need of private event space in downtown Los Angeles we are a great destination. Birthday parties, corporate events, large family events, you name it. We have about 2,000' of usable event space which has hosted several parties. We have a large walk-in fridge as well as two gender neutral bathrooms and one urinal room as well as a lavatory. We also have full access to cable TV which can be projected on the wall, a SONOS sound system for ambient music, and a great driveway for food trucks or mobile catering. We can configure the space for anything -massive banquets to standing tables. We also have catering firms dialed in so whether you want to own the whole process or just show up we can do it all. Curious? Come by; either during retail hours or via IG/TW/FB DM basically if the door is open we are happy to show you the space. 

Radar Contact

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We have a phone but it's not plugged in, so if you'd like to reach us, please click the button below and you'll hear from us very fast!

For Marketing & Business Development please contact Danny Edmonds at: danny@wiretapbrewing.com 

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