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Wiretap Brewing is a micro scale craft brewery in the neighborhood of Lincoln Heights minutes away from downtown Los Angeles. Our beers are available by the can, bottle, and keg both direct and wholesale. Wiretap also imports and sells a boutique line of Italian wines.

About Wiretap

Wiretap was founded in 2016 by Matt Kelley and Adam LaFountain. After an extensive six month search they signed a lease on a 3,600sq.ft. warehouse in Lincoln Heights. Wiretap was under construction from January of 2017 to May of 2017 and finally received its permits from the California Alcoholic Beverage Control at the end of September which hailed its status as "open."

Wiretap operates a Speidel brewhouse which can produce between 2-8 barrels of beer in a day depending on how much equipment is used or what the demand is. Currently we have 12 fermentation tanks that range between 4-5 barrels of capacity each. Our facility is designed to support up to 48 fermentation tanks with a potential capacity of 10 barrels each.

The Name - "Wiretap"

The co-founders both have an extensive background in telecommunications and technology. At some point in the many years of commercial homebrewing prior to Wiretap's formation someone asked what the beer was called and someone blurted out the word wiretap. We can't remember who came up with it first but it sounded good and made sense from our experience so we went with it. No one else online had the name Wiretap for a brewery, the Twitter and Instagram handles were available so it was set in stone.

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SOME OF THE Wiretap Crew

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